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Chris prepared my taxes and is very thorough and meticulous. Went through previous years returns as well to double check them and caught errors. A premium service for your taxes.
-William C.


As a former client of C. YORK, CPA, I will like to point out that it’s been a wonderful experience having them as our company (Practical Plumbing & Heating, Inc.) accountant.

Professionalism practiced within this firm is of the highest grading, they are made up of a great team of Accountants, efficient, friendly, smart, classy and very prompt in carrying out their services. They as well take their time to advise their clients in areas lacking and you can be sure they are of the value of what you pay for.

From the moment they took over our company accounting services, we have had no reasons / cause for regrets rather they sure know how to put a smile on our face with a job well done.

In Summary, C.York, CPA can be considered as one of the greatest accounting firm you could ever find in the present modern world.

-Joseph S.


“I walked in here expecting the usual sterile atmosphere of a CPA’s office but was pleasantly surprised by how warm and accommodating Chris York was. He was very thorough with our appointment and on my way out I felt quite confident he would do everything in his power to get me the best return. The visit felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I totally recommend him to anyone and everyone.”

-Jane H.


“Superb always.  On time, on the mark and absolutely completely professional.  All my questions answered immediately.  All my paperwork accurate and delivered in advance.  Great work and always thankful for the whole team. “

-David M.


“Mr York is great accountant of all aspects  of the field got his name from one of my business contacts he proved to be excellent for my business. I will definitely recommend him.”

-Anis Shashou


“We have used your firm for a number of years and are extremely pleased with your thorough work.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

-Lauren Daniels Home Fashions


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