Tax Preparation

At C York CPA, our tax preparation services assist our clients in developing strategies that minimize their tax liabilities while increasing their profit margins. We emphasize accuracy and efficiency in every tax preparation case, including international taxation, that we take. Our extensive knowledge of international taxation laws ensures that all tax preparation cases we handle are finished as accurately as possible. We have experience with residents working abroad, U.S companies doing business abroad, foreign companies doing business in the U.S, as well as foreign citizens working in the U.S. We can assist you with all of your tax preparation needs, and provide you with full service solutions for both local and international taxation.

Tax Management Services

As your tax manager, we will ensure that you stay on track with your financial goals and assist you in preparing a plan for the following tax year. Our tax management services ensure that you will remain tax compliant all while avoiding errors and omissions that could prove problematic. With our dedicated team of professionals handling every aspect of your taxes, you will have little to worry about throughout the year. We have the experience to manage taxes for individual sole proprietors, small businesses, and large corporations.

C York CPA can handle all of your tax management and tax preparation needs throughout the NYC area. Our website features several beneficial resources and tax tools such as downloadable tax forms, financial calculators, relevant external links, and more. Please contact us for additional information about our services by calling (212) 353-8807.